Reliable 4G Technology. EmojiKidz smartwatches supports 4G network to ensure seamless, high speed connectivity. We have secured your EmojiKidz watch’s needs for a SIM card built into your watch. Offering a competitive service plan packages, starting at $5, so you can access all your watches features!

GPS Smart Positioning allows you to track your child anytime, anywhere. Using the mobile app, you can see your child’s location with our real time GPS smart tracking feature and location history for up-to 30 days. Track them now, or see where they've been! Give yourself peace of mind knowing that should an emergency occur, you will always know where they are!

Call Your Child or let them call you. The EmojiKidz smartwatch allows your child to make and receive calls. You decide who your child can call and/or be called. By adding people to the contact list on your mobile app, you can control who they are communicating with, while also allowing them a sense of independence and control.

In class mode allows your child to focus in class and help keep them from getting easily distracted. Set up times when EmojiKidz smartwatches can't receive calls to avoid disturbing school times or being a distraction while in class. Use the In-Class Mode feature for nearly any event that requires quiet or concentration.

Video Calling from the EmojiKidz Watch to Your Phone. The EmojiKidz watch can make and receive video calls between the watch and the mobile app from your phone. Plus, video calling allows you peace of mind while they might be away! Staying the night at a friends? No problem! Check in's are now easy and convenient.

Chat Message your way to stay in touch with your child through text, Audio Messages. The EmojiKidz watch can receive and send audio, text, emojis & photo messages. Send a quick "Hi!" or "How are you?" to your child in a snap. It's an easy way for them to reach you while they may be at school, and an easy way for you to reach them when you are away.

Safe Zones/Geofencing to keep your child safe.Set a radius at your desired location to receive alerts on your mobile app when your child leaves these zones. If they stray too far from the set up parameters, a notification will be sent to your mobile app to alert you of their movement. Stay on top of their location from anywhere!

Splash Resistant. Have your child enjoy their fun times and let them play around water. The EmojiKidz smartwatch is splash resistance, so your child can play around water with confidence. A more durable and water resistant design puts you at ease that even a little splash won't damage your device.

Receive an SOS notification if your child is at risk. In an emergency your child can simply press the SOS button to let you know they need your help. You will receive an SOS alert notification on your mobile app and a 30- second audio recording from the time they press the SOS button. This is the perfect safety feature and a great way to show your child how to call for help in an emergency!

Camera Features allow you to capture all of their happy moments. The EmojiKidz smartwatch has a built-in camera which allows your child to take photos and share them with you to your mobile app. Share in their experience, while giving them a little fun in the process.

Pedometer Feature. Keep track of your child's energy! Know their steps through the pedometer feature on your EmojiKidz smartwatch, set up goals for them to achieve, keep track of how much exercise they are getting on a daily basis, and more!

Set Alarm Reminders to make sure your child doesn't miss a thing. Add and setup alarms, to remind your child of specific events or chores. Set schedules for clean up, homework, wake-up schedules and more by giving them specific times to accomplish their tasks. No more verbal reminders, now you can automate them! Let EmojiKidz smartwatches do the work for you.