About us

Our Motto

Confidence for them, peace of mind for you.

A smart watch made for kids that's parent approved, affordable, and offers the best plan rates on the market.

Here at EmojiKidz, our motto is simple; confidence for them, peace of mind for you. Our story begins with the knowledge that kids today have more access to technology than ever before. From smartphones, to smart TVs, getting online has never been quite so easily... accessible. And with more online accessibility comes more safety concerns.

So, how do we introduce our little ones to technology in a safe and reliable manner that is distraction free, fun for them, full of safety features, and affordable? That's were we come in!

Our smartwatches were designed to be a solution for modern parents. For those that aren't ready to give their kids a cell phone, but want to ensure some peace of mind for when they are away. With EmojiKidz smartwatches, you no longer need to choose between staying connected and protecting your children from the world of technology. We made it simple, fun, and stress-free to do both.

Our devices put parents in the pilot seat. Custom built with features you want your child to use.

Featuring a custom made parental control mobile app, built in location tracking, geofencing safety set up, stranger calling prevention, and numerous other safety features, EmojiKidz helps families stay connected and safe in todays modern world.

Plus, kids love our smart watch features! Use the camera to snap and share images. Or send GIFs, recordings, and even Emojis in our mobile chat feature. Give them the ability to connect with the friends and family that you approve of through our Family contact list. Or set up Watch Friends so they can interact with friends who also have EmojiKidz devices! Let them stay connected in a safe and reliable way with customizable options to fit any family's needs.

Here at EmojiKidz, our mission is to make technology safe for all ages. We make it easy for families to stay connected anytime, anywhere, in a way that minimizes the distractions and dangers of the internet while keeping communication fun and easy for your kids!

Technology is best when it brings people together

- Matt Mullenweg