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Kid friendly smartwatches, parent approved.


Smartwatches made for KIDS

Everything kids want and parents need in one smart device. Talk, text, and track, for safety, reliability, and the peace of mind you've always wanted. Plus, set up parental controls, safe zones, and more in our easy to use, mobile app.



Features That Matter

Safety, reliability, and fun all in one compact, kid friendly design


Safety Zones

Set up safe zones (geofencing) to keep your child safe and secure in their approved locations. Set a radius at your desired location (i.e. home or school) to receive alerts on your mobile app if your child leaves their zones.


SOS Messaging

Ensure their safety and security with SOS notifications that come directly to your mobile app along with a 30-second audio recording from the time your child presses the SOS button.


Protected Calling

Protect your child from strangers, robocalling, or unsafe persons by enabling the "Protect Calls" feature from your Mobile App. This way only the numbers you add to your child's Family/Friends list will be able to call them.


In Class Mode

Help your child focus in class by keeping them from getting distracted on their devices. Set up designated times when your EmojiKidz watch cannot receive calls to stop it from disturbing school time, or from being a distraction.

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See what our happy customers have to say

"I purchased an EmojiKidz smartwatch for my nephew, and he loves it! The packaging is nice and the watch itself looks expensive. It has a ton of great features too! The setup was straightforward with easy instructions and I should note that I am in no way technically proficient. I would recommend this watch for anyone who is looking for a great gift, or a smartwatch to monitor activities, looking for easy communication functions and most importantly the children’s safety features."
This is an emoji with sunglassesSCM
I do not want my young child to have a smartphone with social media and all that other unnecessary stuff. I do, however, want her protected in case of an emergency. This watch will do that. I can call her and she can call me. If an SOS is sent I get 30 seconds of audio recorded and a location that is pretty spot on... I Rcan block others from calling her unless they are added to her phone book which I control via an app on my phone...Forget the $35 watches, those need 2g network which is basically obsolete. I made that mistake when I started this journey. I don't know anyone else nor had a lot of info when I got the bright idea to get one of these things for my child. Want frills? Get your kid a cellphone and pay a bundle. Want peace of mind that won't break the bank? Get this!
This is an emoji with a happy faceHeather
Lovely! Mi child is super happy with the watch and so do I set up is easy. Of course I'll order a second one for my youngest son. Keep doing that great job EMOJIKIDZ ? I had Issues trying to activate the app account because it did not gave me a confirmation code but I did it using a different email (gmail) works perfect. We are happy with the watch and peace on mind that I know my child is going to be communicated with us.
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The benefits of a smartphone, without the dangers or distractions

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Confidence for them, peace of mind for you.
EmojiKidz smartwatches are made for kids, and parent approved.