3 Reasons To Get Your Child a Smartwatch

 If you have ever wondered when the best time to introduce your child to a smart device, EmojiKidz has the perfect solution for your peace of mind.

          A 2018 study by IEEE suggests that parents were willing to adopt wearables for their children. More than 85% of U.S. parents surveyed that they would have their child wear a health tracking-wearable device. 32% of parents would purchase another smart device as well to be able to keep in touch. Lucky for parents, EmojiKidz Smartwatches can do both!

        With simple and easy to learn steps, EmojiKidz is the best smartwatch for children. A few of the incredible features this watch has to offer are of course number one, parents peace of mind and confidence, Also, with SOS alert buttons for help, you will receive a SOS alert message on your mobile app as well as a 30 second audio recording at the time the SOS button was pressed. This device has a GPS tracker to keep parents in the know and check your child’s location at all times.

          Guardians can set a child’s safety zone range of activity, if your child leaves the set area, our safety zone feature will alert you. Parents can connect with their kids with 2-way video & voice calling and chat messages in addition parents can control their child’s watch remotely and listen to their surroundings without them even being aware. The ability to link to any Wi-Fi networks.

          These devices promote healthy independence and responsibly as your kids grow and learn. This watch comes in a variety of fun colors for parents and their little ones to pick from.

          EmojiKids bestselling child watches keep you in control and stay connected with them weather or not they are a few feet away or across the country. We offer service in the U.S., Canada and Mexico!

          Our kids smartwatch keeps them protected from unknown contacts and harmful content online (social media, cyber bullying, distractions etc.) that would come with an advanced smartphone. This will help delay the use of a smartphone until your child is ready.

          EmojiKidz is a growing trend and is the perfect 1st smart device that you can fully trust. Our watch is splash resistant so children can play around water with confidence!

          Parents are able to keep their children safe with trusted contacts, SOS alerts, calls and text messages and video calling from guardians and people they love most that parents choose.

      Go to and get your kids new personal phone number then follow our easy 2 step activation set-up. After downloading our remarkable app and you are absolutely connected and able to protect your child with certainty.

          Our motto at EmojiKidz is always, confidence for them and peace of mind for you. Children these days have more access to technology than ever before from toys to smartphones. In the modern world, online access has never been more concerning. We have designed it to be the best solution for modern parents or for those who aren’t quite ready to give their kids a cell phone but also a way to ensure a stress free option to check on them while they are away. EmojiKidz parents are able to introduce their little ones that is distraction free!Our watch is fun for them, loaded with safety features and affordable.At Emojikidz Smartwatches,

          we’ve made it simple and fun for them and you to stay connected. With EmojiKidz you don’t have to choose between protecting your children from the world of technology and staying connected with them. Easy, but also fun and stress free for both!

          Featuring our custom made parental control mobile app with built in tracking and geo-fencing safety feature, as well as stranger calling prevention and a number of other safety features you can stay connected. Children can even wear our smartwatch in school confidently or day care with our in-class quiet mode, use the camera to snap and share images and recordings, you even have the ability to send GIFs or emojis.

          Our children’s watch comes included with a personal sim card that supports a 4G LTE capable network to ensure seamless, high-speed connectivity. Emojikids watch includes an easy magnetic charger that will keep battery life for up to 24 hours or longer. Familys will also be given a manual for easy activation and set up!