EmojiKidz SIM Card Information

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DO NOT TURN ON THE WATCH YET If you turn it on, it might cause some error during the initial setup.


Get SIM Card# from the back of the User Guide

1. All you need to do is (a) activate the SIM card online at www.emojikidz.com/activate, (b) enter your SIM card, (c) enter your info, (d) billing info, and (e) activate! This will result in assigning a new phone number and service plan for the watch.

2. Write down the phone number assigned to the SIM card on your booklet as you will need to input the phone number on the pairing step.

3. Now you have a phone number assigned to the SIM card. You may turn ON the watch. If a QR code (binding code) pops up on the screen, this indicates that the cellular network is connected. This QR code is used to pair the watch with the app so that they can communicate.


Download the Mobile App or Scan QR code

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  • Multiple watches can be paired with the same login account.
  • The QR code on the watch can only be used once to pair with an app account.
  • The first account who pairs the watch is considered as Primary/Admin account.
  • The admin can add a family member. Watch will automatically sync with the mobile app for family members who have been added in the Family Follower list.
  • Watch might take some time to connect to the internet for the first time, please wait patiently for 1-2 minutes to connect to the cellular network.
  • If the watch doesn't connect to the internet within an hour, and you do not see the 4G or 3G signal or the antenna bars on the watch, please press and hold the power button to restart the watch. If needed, you may take out the SIM card from the watch and insert it back as illustrated in the steps below:
    1. Turn OFF the watch.
    2. Open SIM card slot cover.
    3. Gently take the SIM card out of the slot, by a gentle push towards the SIM to pop it out.
    4. Put the SIM card back into the slot and push it through gently until you hear a click! Refer to the below illustration, pay attention to the SIM card corner for right position
    5. Secure the SIM card slot cover and then turn the watch on.


*Insert gently until you hear a click!

Charging the Watch

First time charge: We recommend to fully charge the watch for 8-hours before using it for the first time.
In the meantime, you can activate the SIM card that comes with the watch if you haven't done it yet.

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